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Albert (Bert) Vuijsje


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Jazz Journalist (professional- voting member)
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Albert (Bert)
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I am a jazz
  • writer
  • audio producer
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I am the author/producer of
Rita Reys: Lady Jazz (book, 2004) and Ado Broodboom trompet (book, 2017)
Available at (URL or ISBN #1)
978 90 6005 531 4 and 978 90 6265 949 4
I am also the author/ producer of:
Historical CD series Jazz at the Concertgebouw and Treasures of Dutch Jazz
Available at (URL or ISBN #2)
Other key Publications/Productions
Contributing editor of Jazz Bulletin (quarterly magazine of the Dutch Jazz Archive)
Vice-president of the Dutch Jazz Archive Foundation
Columnist of the magazine Jazzism
My interests in jazz are:
All styles from 1900 on, with a special interest in the bebop era.
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