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Eugene Marlow


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I am a jazz
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I am the author/producer of
23 CDs, 250+ jazz, Latin jazz, Brazilian, classical, and "rap" compositions, 12 books, over 400+ articles
I am also the author/ producer of:
Jazz in China: From Dance Hall Music to Individual Freedom of Expression; due August 2018
Available at (URL or ISBN #2)
CDs available at cdbaby.com/artist/eugenemarlow
Other key Publications/Productions
My indie label MEII Enterprises is now producing and distributing albums for others, including three classical musicians/composers, two jazz musicians, and an award-winning poetess.

Currently editing a video documentary based on my Jazz in China book. Also due in spring 2018.
My interests in jazz are:
concert presenter, CD producer, composer & arranger, author, educator.
More about what I do:
2010 recipient of the "James W. Carey award for outstanding journalism" from the Media Ecology Association. 2010 recipient of a Meet the Composer "Creative Connections" grant.
I support the JJA because
Journalism in and of itself is important. Writing about jazz for the edification of various publics is also important if for no other reason than jazz is America's major contribution to world culture.
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