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Janice Jarrett


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Blue Nights & Sunshower CD
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Please check out the discography on my first page of janicejarrett.com and the list of publications I have contributed to within the site's contents.
My interests in jazz are:
In furthering recognition of its far-reaching value and influence. My degrees in ethnomusicology only enhanced my appreciation for this music's richness, and its unique ability to be inclusive, and relevant, regardless of the era or cultural context
More about what I do:
I am a jazz musician, lyricist and arranger. I also lecture (currently for the Az Humanities Council) on music and healing, music and the brain, Jazz and the American Identity, and so on. I run my own vocal studio for singers of virtually all genre.
I support the JJA because
The passion of its members is evident in their efforts to support a music far less appreciated by its native culture than its merits would assume.
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