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Dustin Garlitz


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jazz musician, tenor saxophone; educator
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I am the author/producer of
Dustin Garlitz Quartet: Spirits Within (Connected World Music, 2004).
Available at (URL or ISBN #1)
Available at (URL or ISBN #2)
Other key Publications/Productions
1. Dustin Garlitz, Mike Pride et al.: Two Trains, Fast and Slow (Novel Design Co., 2000).

2. Liner/Historical Notes, Producer, and Bandleader, Dustin Garlitz Quartet: Spirits Within (Connected World Music, 2004)
http://www.jazzable.com & http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/garlitz.

3. Editor, JazzTalent.com http://www.jazztalent.com, 2004-present.

4. "Philosophy of New Jazz: Reconstructing Adorno," (2007) University of South Florida Scholar Commons http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/2183/, E-book, University of South Florida Libraries Catalog http://usf.catalog.fcla.edu/sf.jsp?st=dustin+garlitz&ix=Keyword, and WorldCat http://www.worldcat.org/title/philosophy-of-new-jazz-reconstructing-adorno/oclc/257739731&referer=brief_results.

5. Editor, PhilosophyOfMusic.org
http://www.philosophyofmusic.org, 2008-present.

6. Editor, PhilosophyOfCulture.org
http://www.philosophyofculture.org, 2012-present.

7. Article Editor, Critical Contemporary Culture (an online journal supported by Department of Sociology, London School of Economics, UK), 2012-2016.

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16. "Aesthetics," "Commodification," "Cultural Studies," "Hegemony, Music and," "Ideology," "Jazz" (with Paul Austerlitz), "Jazz" (with Scott Currie), "Meaning and Metaphor," "Philosophy." London: Sage Encyclopedia of Music and Culture, forthcoming 2017.

17. Editorial Board Member, Evental Aesthetics (London), 2017-
My interests in jazz are:
avant-garde jazz; the history and philosophy of jazz; the downtown New York City avant-garde jazz community; jazz tenor saxophone; academic studies of jazz from the angles of contemporary cultural studies, social and political thought, aesthetics, and philosophy of music.
More about what I do:
I am a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of South Florida, working in areas such as aesthetics and philosophy of music. I am especially interested in cultural, social, and political theories of jazz, all theorized from both contemporary and historical perspectives. My doctoral dissertation is on Adorno's philosophy of music.

Online Interactive CV: http://www.philosophyofculture.org/dustin.htm
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