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Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert


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Rodriguez De Mondesert
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
I am a jazz
  • writer
  • radio/tv program host/producer
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I am the author/producer of
Fabrizio Sotti - The key to Music
I am also the author/ producer of:
Michelle Marie: Two Countries, One Language
My interests in jazz are:
Afro-Dominican Jazz
Latin Jazz
Big Band
More about what I do:
Jazz en Dominicana has developed a platform that informs and promotes dominican musicians in the genre of jazz. Its mission is to make known, position and promote dominican Jazz. To be an important channel to support the culture of the Dominicans is its vision.

Jazz en Dominicana blog has informed readers in over 54 countries in over 1,500 articles, reviews of concerts and festivals, interviews, biographies, photos and others about the musicians from this country. It is the only media 100% dedicated to this genre in the country. And via the venues that offer weekly live jazz, they have succeeded in presenting more than 1,050 events in less than seven years. Currently the venues are: Fiesta Sunset Jazz (since December 2009) and Jazz Nights at Acropolis (since February 2017)

- His articles have been published in the "Listin Diario", "Hoy" and "Diario Libre” newspapers. Also in the “Barco de Jazz" and "Musica Maestro" forums, among others.
- A frequent invitee to several radio programs to do specialised Jazz programs. Also does Master Classes in clubs and others.
- All About Jazz and JazzTimes contributor since 2009.
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