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Leonardo Pavkovic


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New York
United States
MoonJune Music
What we do
Independent record label and independent management/booking agency specializing in progressive music, with a lot of jazz and fusion.
My interests in jazz are:
ECM - favorite label.
Favorite Jazz artists: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Allan Holdsworth, Thelonious Monk, Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Egberto Gismonti, Chick Corea, John Abercrombie, Eberhard Weber, Jaco Pastorius, Keith Tippett, Elton Dean, John McLaughlin, Charles Mingus, and much more.
More about what I do:
MoonJune Records is independent record label based in NYC focusing on progressive music that explores and expand boundaries of Jazz, Rock, Avant, Ethno, The Unknown and anything in Between and Beyond.

MoonJune Records came into being in 2001. The company represents the fruition of vision from entrepreneurial producer, tour manager and promoter Leonardo Pavkovic, and draws its name from Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt’s famous 1970 epic, “The Moon in June.” MoonJune has already established its' pedigree with “in-the-know” progressive music fans. The focus of MoonJune is to discover and release music by artists from a variety of international settings -- exploring the expanding boundaries of genuine, challenging, "non-over-produced music" that cannot be easily categorized into any specific format or genre. The ongoing goal of MoonJune is to support music that transcends stylistic pigeon-holing, but operates within an evolutionary progressive musical continuum that places jazz at one end and rock at the other. The ever-expanding boundaries of these two musical categories have since come to include everything from progressive rock to ethno-jazz, from experimental avant-garde to jazz-rock, and anything in between.

MOONJUNE MUSIC (BOOKINGS & MANAGEMENT) has handled booking of over 1500 shows since its formation in 2001. These shows have encompassed full tours, festivals, individual dates, clinics and workshops in more than 50 countries across the globe, specializing in tours in Latin America, Japan and Asia (over 60 tours in Japan since 2002).

Current booking management roster includes: STICK MEN, LEVIN BROTHERS, TONY LEVIN, PETE LEVIN, SOFT MACHINE (LEGACY), DEWA BUDJANA, BELEDO, BORIS SAVOLDELLI, NICOLAS MEIER & DEWA BUDJANA GROUP, BABEL (Manolo Badrena & Beledo) and on non exlusive base: Scott Henderson, Jimmy Haslip, Jan Akkerman, Francis Dunnery, The Security Project (feat. Jerry Marrotta and Trey Gunn), Dwiki Dharmawan, World Peace Trio (Dwiki Dharmawan, Kamal Musallam, Gilad Atzmon), Markus Reuter.
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