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Douglas Hall


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Recently, I have been taking any opportunity to expose myself to more flavors of jazz having started-up a contributing freelance writing passion several years ago has helped re-ignite this journey. My father was a jazz listener (L.Armstrong, D. Ellington, E. Fitzgerald, E. Garner, O.Peterson and more) and first introduced me to this period of jazz. I have since been drawn-in to all varieties, and in particular during my college youth - I was a jazz-rock fusion fanatic. My career his taken me in the direction of museum studies abroad in London and art collections services in Denver CO. and Boston MA. - and another turn - as I am now a special education tutor public and private.

I love to share this music so original and a part of the roots of America - and who we are.

Looking forward to membership with JJA and networking and meeting new views and experiences in this wide world of jazz.
More about what I do:
I currently write jazz music reviews, jazz performance reviews and profiles including interveiws for source materials. I focus on the Boston and NYC area for performances but write on all genres of jazz. I publish primarily with ZEALnyc.com and Alllaboutjazz.com websites.

I am also involved in the Newport Jazz Festival, as I write promotional previews before the event and follow-up reviews of performances.

I have also written jazz related profiles and covered performances for the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

I maintain my own website "artsparksmusic.com" where I link all of my articles

I continue to be passionate and committed to writing about the art and evolving history of jazz.
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